Who is the right candidate for Scenic:

At Scenic, we believe in positive attitude and passion for your work, in proven work experience with establishments which taught you everything you know today. Our selection process follows these principles. Amazing People Creating Wonder is our mantra, and we go to great lengths to ensure we select only those people who can create memorable guest experiences.

Crew Benefits:

  • Complimentary crew internet
  • Complimentary sport massage
  • 2 complete rest days off per month
  • Possibility for all crewmembers to use the Gym / Fitness
  • Crew entertainment center in the crew area
  • Possibility to join guest excursions
  • TV and movies on demand in each crew cabin
  • Discounts onboard shop items

More details about your contract, benefits and training you can find in our Crew Brochure France or Crew Brochure Rhine–Main–Danube.


Life On Board a Scenic River ship

Life On Board a Emerald River ship


OUR POSITIONSYou can register for any of our positions at all times. We will contact you when your desired position becomes available.

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